Nepal Rastriya Secondary School, Tarakeshwor-11, Nepaltar, Kathmandu (Previously known as Manamaiju, Kathmandu) is a leading institution providing quality education as per the demands of the time. Due to the use of science and technology, no part of the world is far away today. Given the impact of globalization and the development of technology that is transforming the entire world into one village, this school cannot remain untouched by its influence. Education is an ongoing process. If education is not relative to time, the pace of development will slow down and we will run out of healthy educational competition. Today is the age of information technology. In the past, teachers were considered as the main source of knowledge. But now there are various sources of knowledge from which students are gaining knowledge. While the sources of knowledge are being added, the subjects and subjects to be taught in the school have to be changed, modified and added in a timely manner. The school has been established with the belief of “Quality Education is Our Commitment”. It seems necessary to do.

Education starts from home family. The knowledge gained from home and family alone is not enough to make a separate identity in the society. Therefore, a person needs formal education to fulfill his / her social needs, to be integrated into the society and to lead the society. At the same time, with the aim of providing modern education in Nepal as well as opening various schools, with the objective of providing quality, accessible and employment oriented education for all, the tireless efforts of social workers, intellectuals and education-loving dignitaries of the region. In the year 2004 B.S. (1947 A.D.), the then Manamaiju VDC under Kathmandu district. The school was established as a primary school in Ward No.9.

The school, which operates only at the primary level, has been adding more classes every year. Approved for the Lower Secondary Level in 2037 BS (1980 A.D.), Secondary Level approved in 2042 B.S. (1986 A.D.) . The school, which participated in the examination, has brought classes 11 and 12 into operation in 2054 BS (1997 A.D.).